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What is a Dispatcher in Trucking (Who is a Freight Dispatcher)

Freight dispatcher manage truck drivers, loads, and schedules, optimize routes, and serve as the primary communication link between the driver, sender or broker and receiver. While also handling any on-road challenges or changes acting as a support for the driver.
In the trucking industry, dispatchers play a key role in managing and coordinating freight transportation.

Responsabilities of Dispatcher in Trucking

Primary responsibilities revolve around planning, organizing, and coordinating freight transportation.
They work with other industry players including drivers, shippers, receivers, and brokers to book and deliver loads.

Tracking, Negotiating & Booking Loads

One of the key responsibilities of a dispatcher is to stay on top of load boards. Posting their available trucks for hire. Always looking for the next load with the best spot rate, least deadhead and a good delivery zip code where more good loads can be found.  Keeping in mind the different time zones, driver’s hours of service and load weight. 
There are many other factors that come into play when deciding on which load to book.

Dispatchers also book loads off the board, through established contacts they made along the way.
Booking a load involves negotiating the rate with the broker or shipper, filling the carrier packet and obtaining the rate confirmation

Coordinating Freight Transport

Another key task of a dispatcher is to coordinate the pickup and delivery of cargo with the driver
This involves scheduling, routing, and tracking trucks, as well as managing any issues that may arise during the haul.

Communicating Updates

Dispatchers maintain regular communication with drivers to provide them with necessary information such as pickup and delivery times, addresses, and special handling instructions. They also receive updates from drivers about their status, delays, or issues, and relay necessary information to relevant parties. They send often load updates to the broker, from the ETA on the pickup to the estimated time of arrival on delivery.

Permits & Troubleshooting

In many cases, the dispatcher is responsible for obtaining permits for their truck drivers. This can include a wide range of permits depending on the nature of the cargo, the route, and the jurisdictions the truck will be traveling through. For example, oversized or overweight load permits, hazardous materials permits, and various state-specific permits may be required.
They also solve problems, handling unexpected situations such as breakdowns, traffic issues, or delays at pickup or delivery points. They need to quickly adapt and make decisions that ensure the timely and safe delivery of cargo.

Record Keeping

Keeping records is another part of their job. They keep track of documents about loads such as rate confirmation, bill of lading, proof of delivery, etc.
Also, route records, fuel consumption, and driver hours to ensure that the hauling operation is within strict regulations.

Dispatcher Job Skills and Qualifications

Dispatchers should have excellent communication and problem-solving skills. As well as the ability to multitask and make quick decisions. Knowledge of transportation regulations and a background in logistics or transportation can be advantageous but is not necessary.
Most carriers do not require a bachelor’s degree or equivalent level of education. 
Trucking companies often provide training for newcomers, however having a completed freight dispatcher course is a big plus.
Dispatchers often start their career in Track and Trace.

With their mixed role of coordination and support, dispatchers contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of freight transportation.  They make sure loads are transported as planned, maintaining the flow of the supply chain, and ultimately contributing to industrial growth and customer satisfaction.
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