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As if trucking life isn’t difficult on its own, for some reason bad weather and paperwork exist…
Why? Apparently, it has something to do with environmental conditions and bureaucracy…
If these 2 words have you snoozing pour a cup of coffee and get ready for some game-changing news. Because these two trucking apps are here to save our lives in 2024. Literally.
Drivve & TruckerDocs. New apps that have been in development for a while and are finally launched! Got that coffee ready? Let’s roll.

Drivve is Live on GooglePlay & AppStore…

Developed by Jonathan Pickett and Spencer Vance, Drivve is a real-time weather tracking app that will optimize your route based on the current weather and road conditions. Now how cool is that? 
The app works by combining data from established global weather partners, meteorological agencies and satellite feeds. This might not fix the bad weather, I’ll admit, but it will increase our safety on the road. Primarily for truck drivers, but for us squares as well. It will also have a positive impact on the efficiency of freight movement and delivery timelines.

… and You Can Get 30 Day FREE Trial!

Yes. If you go ahead and download the app right now, link below, you will get a 30-day free trial to experience this work of magic.

What About the Paperwork?

Save your thanks for now as we still have one problem. The paperwork. 
If you were to ask me would I rather stand in a mix of a sandstorm, blizzard and tornado or be looking for the document I just saw, like 15 days ago. I’d choose the environmental havoc without even blinking. At this point, the document I was looking for would probably reappear somewhere in that storm…

TruckerDocs is on AppStore & GooglePlay

Thanks to Clay Gerringer [of Big Rig Permit Services LLC] I will never, ever, have to choose.
Handling your compliance details, regulatory reminders, driver files, and soo much more…
TruckerDocs is an all-in-one document organizer app for truck drivers [again, us squares as well] that will give you a paperwork hassle-free life. If that’s not enough to have you excited, it will also store your pins! As Mr. Gerringer explained, “It’s a file cabinet in your phone.”
Coming at $2.99 per month, cheaper than a decent cup of brain juice, it’s not even a question if you should get it. It’s basically free for the amount of value it brings. 
I was honored to talk to Clay in a video call and that video is coming soon!

Download Links

Download Drivve and enjoy the 30-day free trial on Android here or iPhone here.
Check out Drivve official Wiki article here.

Download TruckerDocs and burn all that paper in the moonlight. (Don’t.) (But if you do, keep the extinguisher close)
Download the iPhone app here or Android app here.
TruckerDocs Website – here.

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