Highly Productive Logistics LLC (HPL) is an American company specializing in compliance services and consulting for the trucking industry.

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Established: 2021 in New York
Key People: Michael Alvarez
Website: highlyproductivellc.com

The company has quickly become known for its extensive compliance solutions aimed at carriers and owner-operators in the trucking sector. Highly Productive is headquartered in New York and operates primarily within the United States.


Highly Productive began as a dispatching company before evolving into a compliance services provider. The transition occurred when founder Michael Alvarez, while completing his accounting degree, identified a significant industry need for compliance assistance. This realization came about after successfully handling an audit for one of his dispatching clients.
Alvarez’s expertise and successful audit outcomes led to his role as head of the compliance division for the National Owners Operators Association (NOOA), marking a significant milestone for the company. 


The company offers a wide range of services tailored to the needs of the trucking industry.

  • Drug and alcohol consortium
  • ELD monitoring
  • Registrations and permits management
  • IFTA, HUT, and other tax-related services
  • Direct shipper consulting
  • DOT ALL IN ONE, which covers various licensing renewals and tax filings

    Highly Productive distinguishes itself in the market with a unique approach to trucking company setup, audit representation, and drug and alcohol consortium management. The company ensures carriers are compliant with all necessary regulations and provides an online portal for clients to access and manage their compliance information. An app is also under development to enhance these services further.

Market and Customers

Highly Productive primarily serves owner operators and small to medium-sized carriers, typically in their mid-30s, who prefer to outsource compliance management to focus on their core business activities. The company is known colloquially as the Truckers Accountant, reflecting its comprehensive support approach.

Future Outlook

In the coming years, Highly Productive plans to expand its team and office space in New York. The company aims to alleviate the compliance burden for an additional 100 carriers and extend its services to cab driver compliance. Furthermore, plans are underway to launch a tax division and a paid community platform for those looking to learn more about compliance, dispatching, and acquiring direct shippers.

Alvarez and Highly Productive contributes to community and industry development by providing free educational content and support through online groups such as the FMCSA Trucking Compliance 101 Facebook group. Helping thousands of truck drivers. The company’s initiatives aim to empower owner operators and enhance the overall understanding of compliance and business growth within the trucking industry.

Michael Alvarez CEO of Highly Productive LLC truckers wiki official article
Michael Alvarez CEO of Highly Productive LLC

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