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What is a Layover in Trucking?

Layover in trucking means a driver has to unexpectedly wait a day or more at the shipper’s or receiver’s location because they’re not ready to load or unload the truck.

Impact of Layovers

Layovers can have a significant impact on a driver’s schedule, earnings, and overall job satisfaction.

Delayed Schedule: A layover can throw off a driver’s planned schedule, leading to delayed subsequent deliveries and potential impact on the driver’s Hours of Service (HOS).

Decreased Earnings: If a driver is not compensated adequately for layovers, it can lead to income loss, as most drivers are typically paid per mile driven.

Increased Expenses: Layovers can lead to additional expenses, including meals and accommodations, if the driver is away from home.

Driver Dissatisfaction: Frequent layovers can lead to dissatisfaction among drivers, as they reduce driving time and potentially the driver’s income.

Handling Layovers in Trucking

Layover Pay: To compensate for the time spent waiting, many trucking companies offer layover pay. The rate can vary greatly between companies and may depend on specific circumstances, like whether the layover was avoidable or not.

Negotiation: Clear communication and negotiation with shippers and brokers can help mitigate the impact of layovers. This can include setting schedules that minimize the chance of layovers or ensuring compensation is provided when layovers do occur.

Planning: Effective trip planning can help minimize the occurrence of layovers. This includes using accurate, real-time data to make informed decisions about dispatching and load assignments.


While layovers can be a frustrating aspect of the trucking industry, understanding how they work and how to manage them is key to minimizing their impact. With clear communication, effective planning, and fair compensation, layovers can be handled in a way that respects a driver’s time and the needs of the trucking company. As with all aspects of trucking, the goal is to ensure a smooth, efficient process that works for everyone involved.

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