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What is EFS in Trucking

EFS stands for Electronic Funds Source, a digital payment system designed to facilitate financial transactions within the trucking industry.
This technology covers fuel cards, fleet cards, and other payment services that enable trucking companies to manage their expenses and transactions. Including control of fuel purchases, maintenance costs, toll charges, and other operational expenses.

Company Benefits

Cost Savings
Companies can save money on fuel and other operational expenses through discounts and better management of spending.

Efficient Expense Management
EFS provides tools to track and control spending on fuel, maintenance, and other costs, making financial oversight simple and management easier. Companies get detailed reports and insights into their spending, helping identify areas for improvement and savings.

Simplified Payment Processing
Simplifies the payment process for various expenses, reducing paperwork and administrative tasks.

Control and Security
Allows companies to set limits on spending and monitor transactions to prevent unauthorized use and fraud.

Benefits for Drivers

Payroll Deposits
Companies can use EFS to handle payroll while drivers receive their earnings directly into their accounts.

Cash Advances
Drivers can receive cash advances for on-the-road expenses through their EFS cards. To pay for fuel, tolls, and other expenses without needing cash, at a wide network of locations.

For owner-operators and independent contractors, companies can use EFS to settle loads and pay for services rendered.

Universal Acceptance
EFS cards are accepted at many truck stops and fuel stations across North America, providing flexibility and coverage for drivers on the road.

Time Savings
Reduces the need for drivers to keep and submit paper receipts, saving time on administrative tasks.

Fleet Management and EFS

Innovative & Simple Technology: EFS incorporates the latest technological advancements to streamline payment processes. This innovation extends to integrated fuel card technology, which offers a simple way for fleets to manage fuel expenses across a wide network of locations.

Insight Into Spendings: One of the key advantages of EFS is the insight it offers into the fleet’s financial activities. Fleet managers can monitor purchasing patterns, fuel usage, and other important data, enabling them to identify areas for cost savings.

EFS Products and Services for Different Fleet Sizes

EFS solutions are scalable, with services for fleets of all sizes.
For smaller fleets (1 to 50 trucks), products like Fleet One solutions offer significant savings on fuel, alongside other services like factoring and permits.
For larger fleets (50 trucks or more), EFS solutions provide more sophisticated tools for managing and controlling fuel purchases with real-time data integration and analytical insights into purchasing behavior​​.

EFS and Fuel Management

One of the standout features of EFS systems is their impact on fuel management. By utilizing EFS fuel cards, fleets can enjoy average savings, which can significantly reduce operational costs over time. Additionally, the EFS Fuel Audit and Reconciliation tool offers a detailed analysis of fuel purchases, enabling fleets to monitor and manage their fuel expenses more effectively​.

The Future of Electronic Funds Source in Trucking

As the tech in the trucking industry evolves, the role of EFS in fleet management is expected to grow. Innovations in payment technology, coupled with the increasing demand for efficiency and cost savings, will drive the adoption of EFS solutions.

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