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What is O Restriction – No Tractor-Trailer CMV

The O restriction on a CDL indicates that the driver did not take their driving skills test using a vehicle equipped with a fifth wheel connection. Consequentially the driver is not authorized to operate a tractor-trailer Commercial Motor Vehicle. This restriction is specifically applied to drivers who have completed their CDL test in a vehicle that does not require a fifth wheel for coupling, such as a truck and trailer combination or a truck with a towed unit. 

Implications of This Restriction

The No Tractor-Trailer CMV on CDL can significantly impact a driver’s employment opportunities in the commercial driving sector. As tractor-trailers are a common type of vehicle in long-haul trucking and freight transport, the inability to operate such a vehicle might exclude the driver from these roles. Drivers with an O restriction are limited to operating vehicles that are not tractor-trailers, such as straight trucks or truck and trailer combinations.

However, there are numerous driving opportunities available for drivers who do not operate tractor-trailers. These might include local delivery services, construction and utility vehicles, moving services, and more. So, while the O restriction does limit the range of vehicles a driver can operate, it doesn’t eliminate opportunities in commercial driving.

Lifting the O Restriction

If a driver wishes to lift the O restriction from their CDL, they need to pass the CDL skills test in a tractor-trailer. This would involve demonstrating competence in operating a tractor-trailer, including skills related to coupling and uncoupling the trailer, maneuvering the vehicle, and managing the unique challenges posed by the size and configuration of a tractor-trailer.

Once the driver successfully passes the skills test in a tractor-trailer, the O restriction can be removed from their CDL, thus expanding their driving opportunities in the commercial sector.


CDL restrictions, including the O restriction, play an integral role in ensuring the safety and competence of commercial drivers. They are a reflection of the specific types of vehicles a driver has been tested and deemed competent to operate. While they may limit certain job opportunities, they also provide a clear path for career development, guiding drivers towards the types of vehicles and roles that best match their skills and qualifications. Understanding these restrictions is crucial for any commercial driver as they navigate their career path in the world of commercial driving. With the right training and testing, restrictions can be lifted, providing broader opportunities in the field.
FMCSA on restrictions.

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