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Understanding the N Restriction – Class C Passenger Vehicle

The N restriction on a CDL indicates that the driver has passed their passenger vehicle (P) endorsement test in a Class C passenger vehicle. As a result, they’re limited to operating only Class C passenger vehicles. This means they are not permitted to operate larger passenger vehicles classified under Class A or Class B.

To elaborate, a Class C CDL holder with a passenger endorsement and an N restriction is authorized to operate passenger vans or small buses designed to carry between 16 and 23 passengers, including the driver. This category of vehicles is typically used for local shuttle services, smaller school buses, or special transport services.

Implications of the N Restriction

The N restriction on a CDL can impact a driver’s employment prospects to some degree. Drivers carrying an N restriction are unable to operate Class A or Class B passenger vehicles, which are generally larger and have the capacity to transport a greater number of passengers. Therefore, they are ineligible for roles that involve driving larger buses, such as city transit buses or long-distance motor coaches.

However, there are numerous opportunities for drivers of Class C passenger vehicles. These roles could include driving for shuttle services, school transportation, community transport services, and transport services for the elderly or disabled. These roles can be found across various sectors, from education and public transportation to healthcare and private transport companies.

Working within the N Restriction

While the N restriction narrows the range of passenger vehicles a driver can operate, it doesn’t need to impede a fruitful career in commercial driving. Drivers can seek opportunities in sectors that primarily use Class C passenger vehicles and build a career path that suits their qualification.

For drivers seeking to remove the N restriction, they would need to take and pass the passenger vehicle endorsement test in a Class A or Class B passenger vehicle. This would demonstrate their ability to safely handle larger passenger vehicles, qualifying them for the removal of the restriction.


CDL restrictions are a critical part of ensuring commercial drivers are well-trained and competent for the specific vehicles they are authorized to drive. While these restrictions might limit a driver’s job prospects to some extent, they also help maintain safety on the roads by ensuring that drivers operate vehicles that match their tested skills. Understanding the N restriction is crucial for drivers as they navigate their career path in commercial driving. Although it restricts operation to Class C passenger vehicles, plenty of opportunities exist within this scope, providing for a rewarding career in the commercial driving industry.
FMCSA on N endorsement.

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