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What is a Height Stick for Truck Drivers

A height stick is a telescopic device used to measure the vertical clearance of a truck’s cargo under bridges. Designed to be easily extendable, these sticks help drivers ascertain if their loaded trucks can safely pass under bridges, power lines, and other overhead obstructions without causing damage or posing safety hazards.
Also referred to as a load height measuring stick or height pole.

Why Truck Drivers Need a Height Stick

One of the primary concerns for truckers is ensuring their vehicle doesn’t collide with overhead structures. An unintended collision can lead to significant damages, potential injury, and even loss of life.

Avoiding Fines
Certain routes have height restrictions. Over-height trucks that attempt to traverse these routes can face hefty fines.

Protecting Cargo
Ensuring that the cargo remains undamaged is critical, especially when transporting delicate or high-value items.
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Route Planning
Knowing the height of a load allows drivers to plan their routes more effectively, avoiding low-clearance obstacles and ensuring timely deliveries.

How to Use a Height Stick

  1. Extend the Stick: Before measuring, ensure the height stick is fully extended to a length that exceeds the height of the truck’s cargo.

  2. Place at the Highest Point: Hold or position the stick vertically at the highest point of the load.

  3. Read the Measurement: Check where the height of your cargo aligns with the measurement markers on the stick. This gives you the total height of your loaded truck.

  4. Cross-check with Clearance Levels: With your measurement in hand, you can compare it against the clearance levels of your intended route, ensuring safe passage.

Choosing the Right Height Stick for Trucking

When purchasing a height stick, truckers should look for:

Opt for a stick made of robust materials that can withstand regular use and varying weather conditions.

Ensure the measurement markers are clearly visible and accurately marked.

Ease of Use
A good height stick should be easily extendable and retractable.

Look for a stick that’s lightweight and can be folded or collapsed for easy storage in the cab.
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