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What is Manual Restriction on CDL – E Restriction

Manual Restriction on a CDL indicates that the driver has passed their skills test using a vehicle with an automatic transmission. As a result, they’re limited to operating only automatic transmission commercial vehicles. This restriction can be removed from CDL.
Essentially, the E restriction bars the driver from legally operating a commercial vehicle that has a manual transmission.
Removing E restriction on CDL only takes a few steps, you will find the breakdown, important loophole and the cost of doing this below.

How to Remove Manual Restriction on CDL – Lifting the E Restriction

The good news is that the Manual Restriction on CDL can be removed. To do so, the driver must pass a skills test using a manual transmission vehicle. This involves demonstrating proficiency in tasks such as shifting gears, starting and stopping smoothly, and handling the vehicle safely under various driving conditions.

Remove automatic restriction off your CDL by following these steps

1. Purchase a Learners Permit at your local DMV.

You need permit even if you have obtained CDL, because you are learning how to drive a manual. Make it clear to the DMV that you need permit to lift your CDL Automatic Transmission Restriction. Pay the fee.

2. Learn how to drive a stick shift.

You will need to invest time and effort in learning how to drive a stick shift without stalling the truck as it will automatically fail your test.
Also if you coast the vehicle for the length of the vehicle itself about 30-45 feet, you fail the test. Coasting means having your foot on the clutch and not being able to find the gear. For this step, it is a good idea to find a good school that will help you in the process.

3. Pass the Test

After you pass the test visit your local DMV to remove the restriction off your CDL. T

Important Loophole to Take Advantage off

If your only purpose is to lift the automatic restriction off your CDL and you already have your Class A license, complete this test in either a Class B vehicle or just by driving a bobtail meaning just a semi without a trailer.
Since you already have a  Class A license you don’t need to prove that you are capable of driving a semi truck, only that you can operate a manual transmission.
Also great news is that you only need to complete the 3rd part of your test which is the road portion of it and not the complete test.

How Much Does it Cost To Remove Manual Restriction

Depending on the state and if you get professional training, it will cost you anywhere between $450 to $3000 to remove the manual restriction.
Test cost around $450 depending on state and testing site and training can run from $2000-$3000.

Implications of CDL Automatic Transmission Restriction

Given that many commercial vehicles, particularly older models, still employ manual transmissions, this can limit a driver’s job prospects. Some employers may require their drivers to be able to operate both manual and automatic transmission vehicles to provide flexibility in vehicle assignment.
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Moreover, certain situations may warrant the use of a manual transmission vehicle, like driving in hilly or mountainous terrains, where manual gear shifting can provide better control. As such, drivers with this restriction could find themselves at a disadvantage in these scenarios.

It’s worth noting that preparing for a manual transmission test might necessitate additional training to familiarize oneself with manual gear shifting, clutch control, and other unique aspects of manual driving.

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The Bottom Line

Automatic and manual transmissions are fundamentally different in their operation. While automatic transmissions shift gears on their own as the vehicle moves, manual transmissions require the driver to manually change gears. This difference necessitates distinct skills and familiarity for the safe operation of each vehicle type.

While it may limit some opportunities, it reflects the fact that driving manual and automatic transmission vehicles requires different skills. However, with additional training and testing, this restriction can be lifted, providing the driver with a wider array of driving opportunities.
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We want to thank Jonathan from the Driving Academy for sharing his knowledge about the loophole that makes the process a lot easier. 
Thank you Johnatan!
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