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What is a Lowboy Trailer?

A lowboy trailer, also known as a low bed trailer, is a type of semi-trailer designed to haul heavy and oversized freight. Distinguished by two drops in deck height, one right after the gooseneck and the other before the wheels, it sits exceptionally low to the ground compared to traditional flatbed trailers. This unique design offers several advantages, primarily a high load capacity and the ability to transport tall items that would be too high for other types of trailers due to height restrictions on roads.

Types of Lowboy Trailers

There are several types of lowboy trailers, classified according to the maximum weight they can handle and their specific design features:

  1. Fixed Gooseneck (FGN): These lowboy trailers have a gooseneck that’s permanently attached to the main deck. They are lightweight and typically easier to maneuver.

  2. Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck (HDG): The gooseneck on these trailers can be detached using hydraulic systems, allowing the front end of the trailer to be lowered to the ground to create a ramp for loading and unloading heavy machinery.

  3. Mechanical Detachable Gooseneck (MDG): Similar to the HDG trailers, these trailers also have a detachable gooseneck but require manual labor to detach and reattach.

  4. Double Drop Deck: These trailers have a well, or lower deck, in the middle, allowing for higher loads.

Importance of Lowboy Trailers

Lowboy trailers are crucial for various industries that require the transportation of heavy equipment or oversized loads. Here’s why they are so important:

  1. High Load Capacity: Lowboy trailers can carry up to 80,000 pounds (trailer plus load weight) depending on the number of axles.

  2. Ease of Loading: The low deck height and detachable gooseneck features allow for easy loading and unloading of heavy machinery and equipment.

  3. Versatility: They can transport a wide range of cargo, from industrial equipment to military vehicles, construction machinery to wind turbine components.

  4. Safety: The low center of gravity provides better stability and reduces the risk of accidents during transport.


Lowboy trailers are invaluable assets in the world of trucking, vital for heavy-haul and specialized transport. Their design allows for safe and efficient transportation of high, heavy, and oversized loads that would otherwise be impossible or unsafe to move. Understanding their function and usage is crucial in industries such as construction, mining, military, and more.
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Rules for flatbed and lowboy trailers by FMCSA.

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