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What is X Restriction No Cargo in CMV Tank Vehicle

The X restriction or No Cargo in CMV Tank Vehicle on a CDL indicates that the driver has a Tank Vehicle N endorsement but is not allowed to transport cargo in the tank vehicle.
The restriction is usually applied when a driver takes the skills test in a tank vehicle that is not loaded or is only partially loaded.
Since fully loaded tank vehicles behave differently on the road compared to empty or partially loaded ones, the X restriction ensures that drivers only operate vehicles that match their tested skills.

A tank vehicle is defined as any commercial motor vehicle that is designed to transport any liquid or gaseous materials within a tank that is either permanently or temporarily attached to the vehicle or the chassis. These tanks typically have a capacity of 1,000 gallons or more.

How to Remove the X Restriction on CDL

If a driver wants to remove the X restriction from their CDL, they need to pass the tank vehicle skills test in a fully loaded tank vehicle. This shows that they are capable of safely managing the unique handling characteristics of a loaded tank vehicle, such as the wave motion or “surge” of the liquid cargo.

Once the driver successfully passes the skills test in a loaded tank vehicle, they can have the X restriction removed from their CDL. This can significantly broaden their employment opportunities in the commercial driving sector, especially in industries that rely heavily on the transportation of liquid or gaseous materials.

Implications of the X Restriction

Having an X restriction on a CDL can limit a driver’s job opportunities within the commercial driving sector. Since the driver is prohibited from transporting cargo in tank vehicles, they may not be eligible for jobs that involve the transportation of liquids or gases, such as fuel or chemical transportation roles.

However, there are still various opportunities available for drivers with an X restriction. They can operate tank vehicles without carrying cargo, which may be required in certain roles, such as driving empty tankers to and from service or cleaning or transporting such vehicles for dealerships or manufacturers.


CDL restrictions, including the X restriction, are integral to maintaining safety on the road by ensuring commercial drivers operate within their skill set and capabilities. While restrictions might limit a driver’s job opportunities, they also provide a clear career development path. By understanding these restrictions and the steps required to lift them, drivers can make informed decisions about their training and career progression. The X restriction, while limiting in some respects, also serves as a stepping stone towards full tank vehicle operation, opening up a wider range of opportunities in the commercial driving field.
SC DMV on restriction codes.
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