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What is a Double Drop Trailer?

A double drop trailer, often referred to as a lowboy trailer, features a unique design that includes an elevated front and rear section and a ‘well’ or lower central section. The design makes this trailer suitable for transporting oversized or extremely tall loads that would exceed the height restrictions of a standard flatbed or step deck trailer.

Key Features of Double Drop Trailers

  1. Upper Decks: The front (also known as the gooseneck) and rear sections of the trailer are elevated, allowing the trailer to hitch onto the tractor unit and clear the road’s surface at the back.

  2. Well or Lower Central Section: This is the lowest point of the trailer, often near ground level, where the payload is typically loaded. This lowered design allows the transport of particularly tall cargo.

  3. Removable Gooseneck (RGN): Many double drop trailers come with a removable gooseneck, which can be detached to allow cargo to be driven or rolled onto the trailer.

Benefits of Using Double Drop Trailers

Double drop trailers offer several significant advantages:

  1. High Load Capability: With their design, double drop trailers can accommodate exceptionally tall loads, making them ideal for transporting large machinery, vehicles, and other bulky equipment.

  2. Versatility: The ability to carry various oversized and heavy loads makes these trailers versatile and invaluable to industries such as construction, mining, and heavy equipment manufacturing.

  3. Ease of Loading: The removable gooseneck and near-ground level deck height can simplify the loading and unloading process.

  4. Safety and Stability: The low center of gravity of these trailers enhances stability during transit, providing a safer transportation method for tall and heavy loads.


Double drop trailers are a pivotal player in the trucking industry, facilitating the transport of extraordinarily tall and heavy freight. Their unique design and functionality enable them to take on the challenges posed by oversized loads, making them a preferred choice in many sectors. As the industry continues to evolve, double drop trailers will remain a key tool in the transportation and logistics toolkit, reaffirming their critical role in modern freight transportation.
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