Balkan Truckers US has emerged as the first-ever internet portal tailored exclusively to individuals with Balkan origins who are actively engaged in the trucking industry within the United States.
Launched in January 2022, the platform has swiftly evolved into a thriving community where trucking professionals can connect, exchange experiences, share knowledge, and provide guidance to newcomers in the field.

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Established: 2022


Inspired by the success of leading trucking portals in the US, Balkan Truckers US was conceptualized with the objective of bridging the gap between Balkan-originated truckers and the latest industry developments, all delivered in their native language. The minds behind this pioneering endeavor are Digital Marketing experts with deep-rooted connections to the US trucking sector, both on a personal and business level. Their vision was to blend informative content with a touch of authentic Balkan humor, catering to the unique needs of their target audience.

Growth to The Number One Spot

The initial challenge lay in establishing trust and credibility within the Balkan trucking community. Over time, the team behind Balkan Truckers US leveraged social media as a potent tool, attracting a substantial visitor base to their website. Today, their website stands as a comprehensive resource offering the latest industry news, regulatory updates, and invaluable advice for newcomers. It further serves as a hub for job seekers, equipment and services trading, and business registration within the trucking domain.

Notably, the “Voice of Truckers” segment, colloquially known as “Glas Kamiondžija,” has garnered considerable attention. Here, drivers have the opportunity to rate their experiences with various trucking companies they’ve worked for. This feature, while popular among the community, also brought about challenges as some companies were unhappy with candid reviews from their former employees. However, the portal found effective ways to address and navigate such issues.


Balkan Truckers US has rapidly risen to become a central source of news and information for the Balkan-origin trucking community. With a significant reach, certain posts on their social media platforms have garnered upwards of 350,000 views. The portal has successfully collaborated with and advertised for major Balkan-owned companies in the US trucking industry. Moving forward, their mission is unwavering: to foster connections, provide quality news coverage, and retain their leading position within the industry that is vital for the Balkan community in the US.

Statistics indicate that more than a quarter of a million individuals with Balkan heritage are currently engaged in the US trucking sector. Balkan Truckers US has ambitious plans to expand its influence by collaborating with prominent industry players and individuals, aiming to further empower and elevate their community.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the trucking industry, Balkan Truckers US stands as a beacon of community spirit and professional advancement, offering a dedicated platform where heritage and career converge in harmony.

Additional Platform Features

The platform offers a job board as well as a market to buy, sell or trade trucks, trailers and other equipment.

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