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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has postponed the rulemaking on truck speed limiters to May 2024.
This delay marks another shift in the timeline for the proposed regulation, which initially aimed for a rollout by mid-2023 and was later rescheduled to December of the same year. The rule, once implemented, will mandate electronic speed governors on trucks weighing over 26,000 pounds to cap their maximum speeds.

The proposal has been a topic of controversy, dividing opinions across the trucking industry. Owner-operators generally oppose the rule, arguing that it restricts driving flexibility and could lead to more crashes. On the other hand, safety groups and large carriers, many of whom already limit their trucks’ speeds for economic and safety reasons, are in favor of the federal mandate. The debate extends to concerns over the ethical conduct of the rulemaking process, as highlighted in a Capitol Hill hearing where questions were raised about the FMCSA’s decision-making and potential external influences.
Discussed limits include 60, 65, 68 and 70 miles per hour, but none were officially proposed. 

The previous rulemaking report published in September, which first listed the maximum speed for the mandate at 68 mph before the agency backtracked to remove a specific speed, indicated the speed limiter proposal would be published in December 2023.

Additionally, the FMCSA is concurrently handling other significant rulemakings, including one on autonomous trucking and another on carrier safety fitness. The autonomous trucking rule, which pertains to truck operations, inspection, repair, and maintenance amendments, was also delayed and is now expected in March. The carrier safety fitness rule aims to identify unsafe motor carriers and is set for rollout in June 2025.

This series of delays and regulatory adjustments indicate a complex and evolving landscape in trucking regulations, reflecting the diverse and often conflicting interests within the industry. The ultimate decision on the speed limiter rule, along with the specifics of the maximum speed and the implementation strategy, remains a critical point of interest for all involved in the trucking sector.

These developments highlight the FMCSA’s ongoing efforts to enhance road safety and the efficiency of the trucking industry while balancing the varied perspectives of different industry participants. 

Highway Digest for Week 5 is available here. 

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