Conducting a detailed research into a trucking company before accepting a driving job offer is crucial in establishing the firm’s credibility, safety measures, and dependability. 

Instances of drivers being abandoned, paychecks being cut fraudulent freight confirmations, or trucks reclaimed a few weeks prior to their final payment are all we all heard about.

Conducting thorough research on a trucking company can greatly impact your career trajectory. To help you avoid falling prey to scams we’ve put together this guide.

Here’s how you can research a trucking firm:

Company Safety Record & Rating
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) operates a Safety Measurement System (SMS) database, providing public access to trucking companies’ safety history. You can look up this database on the FMCSA’s official website. Verify if the firm’s history in safety.

The FMCSA also assigns safety ratings to trucking companies based on their compliance with safety norms. A “satisfactory” rating suggests the company abides by safety standards, while an “unsatisfactory” rating points to severe safety violations.

Check for Online Reviews
Online reviews of the trucking company can offer additional insight. Websites such as TruckersReport, Google Business listings, and GlassDoor house reviews from current and previous employees. You can also scour social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter for customer feedback and comments.

Check for Certifications & Award
Search for any certifications or awards the trucking firm may have earned. For instance, a firm with a safety certification from the National Safety Council is likely to be a sound choice. Awards from industry associations and businesses are indicative of a firm’s strong reputation and high regard.

Staff Retention Rate
Investigate the firm’s employee retention rate. A high attrition rate can suggest a negative working environment or mistreatment of employees. Request contact details to obtain references from the firm, then reach out to their drivers to gauge their sentiments about the company.

Check Their Equipment
Take a look at the company’s trucks and equipment. Request images of the equipment from the recruiter or safety department, or look for pictures on the company’s website or social media platforms. When possible, consult current or former employees about the condition of the equipment.

Benefits of Employment
Inquire about the benefits offered to employees. Aspects like pay scales, health insurance, retirement schemes, and paid leaves are indicative of how well the company values its staff.

The first two recommendations are a must-do, but it’s advisable to conduct a complete review if you’re seeking a long-term position. It’s essential to ensure the company will treat you equitably and respectfully.

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